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Company Overview

Headspace is a digital health platform that offers a comprehensive mindfulness and meditation platform to help users live healthier, happier lives. Headspace is located in Santa Monica, California and was founded in 2010 by Andy Puddicombe and Rich Pierson. The company has quickly become a global leader in the mindfulness and meditation space, offering a variety of resources and content to help users improve their well-being.

With a mission to bring mindfulness and meditation to the masses, Headspace has grown its community to over 60 million users in 190 countries. The company's offerings range from guided meditations, sleep and movement exercises, to mindfulness-based content that can help users reduce stress, improve sleep, and increase overall well-being.

Project Overview

Headspace is struggling to drive traffic to its website and reach a wider audience. As an SEO Content Writer, Headspace invites you to employ SEO tools to audit the website's performance and identify areas to improve the on-site & off-site SEO performance. Working on the project, you will showcase that you are able to: - conduct an end-to-end SEO audit to analyse website performance, - explore strategies to improve the website's ranking for SERP (Search Engine Results Page), - drive organic traffic to the website, - drive leads via off-site SEO techniques, - and improve the overall experience of the target users with the company's website.
15 hours
Efforts / Hours

Project Mentor

Payal Verma
Content Writer

Project Tasks

To begin solving the challenge at hand, you will undertake the following steps;
Part #1
Conduct an SEO Audit of the Website
Conduct an in-depth SEO audit for the Headspace website. You may use tools like Google Analytics, Ahrefs, and SEMrush to analyze the SEO performance and identify areas of improvement. This research and in-depth analysis will set the tone for the following tasks.
Part #2
Improve on-site & off-site SEO
Employ a tool such as Google Keywords, to search for short-tail & long-tail keywords to improve on-site SEO. Similarly, conduct in-depth competitor research to explore off-site optimization strategies, such as backlinking, content structure, etc.
Part #3
Write Search Engine Optimized content
Write two blogs and incorporate keywords to increase the website's ranking on the search results page. Make sure to write an SEO title, SEO description, and include backlinks in your copy.
Part #4

Project Takeaways

  • Write SEO content
  • Improve the website's SERP ranking.
  • Develop a creative mindset.
  • Get feedback from marketing experts.

How will this project help you?

This project will empower you to:

  • Conduct an end-to-end website audit to analyze website search engine performance.
  • Employ the right techniques to improve a website's ranking for SERP.
  • Research keywords, back-links & other strategies to enhance on-site & off-site SEO.
  • Increase traffic to a website & contribute to the company's overall growth.

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