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Through interactive workshops and mentoring sessions Qureos has enabled me to position myself as an industry expert and become a guiding hand for students looking to achieve their career goals.

Irine Gamkrelidze, Veon

We give you full control over your schedule

Set your own hours and take up your sessions or projects when it suits you.

With a busy schedule, it helps that Qureos is very flexible when it comes to scheduling sessions. I love the fact that I can mentor on weekends.

Mina Wasfi, Qureos

We help you build your personal brand

From visual branding assets to LinkedIn best practices, get all the resources you need to build your personal brand.

Qureos gives me the tools and resources to help me build my personal brand. This has opened up a world of opportunities for me.

Jibola Jegede, Meta

We help you expand your professional network

Build crucial leadership and entrepreneurial qualities by learning from leading industry professionals and join our Slack community to have meaningful conversations.

At Qureos, I get to train mentees to land their dream jobs. I also get a chance to connect with experts from diverse industries and expand my network.

Alex Urcola, Google

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Mentors find meaning in genuinely helping learners around the world


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Learners grow in their career with leading professionals at Qureos

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Frequently asked questions

I’m new here. How does this work for mentors?

Almost everyone nowadays is looking for a mentor, a coach, or an advisor. Qureos connects learners and mentors and makes sure that the experiences are smooth.

As a mentor, you will get a mentoring profile, resources, and access to an exclusive community. All you have to do is add your interests and we’ll set it up for you. Once your profile is accepted and goes live, you will be able to control your availability slots and see the bookings coming in.

With Qureos, you can also collaborate with mentors to do podcasts & interviews, appear in panel discussions, receive training, and attend keynote speaker sessions. The options are endless.

What is the criteria for becoming a Qureos mentor?

We study every single mentor application, so that means it can take up to 4 days to hear back from us. We want to ensure high quality and passionate mentors in the community. Here’s our acceptance criteria:

  • Having relevant industry experience ( > 3 years)
  • Previous experience in mentoring is highly preferred, but not required. We can help you become a better mentor, don’t worry!
  • Passionate about mentoring, sharing, networking, and a positive mindset
  • Be a people person and enjoy sharing knowledge

What does the time commitment look like for a mentor?

We know you are busy, so we give you control of your time. The average mentor at Qureos has 3-4 mentees and spends around 30 minutes per mentee per week to be both efficient and fair. We just ask you to respect others’ time by being dedicated to what you choose to offer.

Who are mentees, and where do they come from?

Mentees come from all walks of life. The majority of our mentees are industry professionals looking to grow, change careers, or are early-career professionals trying to make their way.

Some are working on their own startups, some are looking to find a job, while others are looking for advisors to discuss ideas and business opportunities.

What is a 1-on-1 session?

A one-on-one mentoring session is a meeting between a mentor and a mentee, where the mentor provides guidance, advice, and support to the mentee in a specific area of development or interest.

The session is typically focused on the mentee's specific needs and goals. The mentor draws on their own experiences and expertise to provide guidance and feedback to the mentee, helping them to develop new skills, knowledge and perspectives.

Can a mentor become a mentee?

Yes, of course!! There is no limit to learning. The #QureosMentor community offers you a chance to connect with like-minded individuals who, like you, are on a mission to help others excel in the career of their dreams.

These kinds of connections are so influential in developing and supporting relationships on our platform.