How to maximize the benefits of remote internships.

How can you maximize the benefits of remote Internships to achieve a win-win scenario and accelerate growth.


October 4, 2022


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Bridging The Gap Between Theoretical And Practical Knowledge!

How Students and Corporates Can Maximize the benefits of Internships.

You might remember the first day of your elementary school and the last day of your graduation. Throughout these approximately 20 years of your life, you learn many skills, traits, languages and the basic knowledge which every educated person is expected to possess.

However, in today’s day and age, with technological and scientific advancements occurring every single day, the way we view the world has changed extraordinarily from what is was 20 years ago, confounding the best of us at times

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When watching students opt for internships, you might have pondered on its pros and cons as well. The question that arises is, why is an internship important?

Our education system goes through continuous changes and yet, bridging the gap between practical and theoretical knowledge has always remained a monumental task for our educators and education policymakers. 

This gap remains substantial despite many efforts, as many aspects of practical life cannot be learned within the four walls of a classroom. Internships can thus act as a ‘rite of passage’ before one enters the professional world.

Internships facilitate the student in making crucial decisions regarding his career and professional life, and the knowledge gained could give him an edge over others, forging a smooth passage for him later in life. It also becomes imperative in times like these that we take good advantage of the educational technology that is available to us.

At Qureos, we are firm believers of letting students shine by offering them the right guidance from experienced mentors. The internship opportunities would test the skills and aptitude of the students and help them overcome the barrier that lack of practical knowledge poses. You would find yourselves in the midst of like-minded people to share your thoughts and build a meaningful community of people who can later help you endorse your skills in the market.

Real-World Experience and Knowledge

The internships which Qureos provides will let you handle the project independently under the guidance of a mentor, who will take you on as an apprentice and offer you a holistic learning experience. Companies post tasks and projects that have to be completed within the specified time while the mentors would be available for any support required.

These projects would have real-life application within the company, so the work you do would add value to the company you are interning for. You will be assessed on the quality of work submitted, and that will earn you points. The points can later be redeemed for cash or other rewards, in other words; you earn while you learn!

Learn more about industries

Learning about a field, industry, or sector on paper can be wildly different than actually working in it. The exposure you get from being ‘on the field’ can help you to visualize yourself and your future in that career.

The best Internship opportunities allow you to get a glimpse of the real world, so that you can learn, re-learn, make and re-make your decisions. Hence, you get to learn not just about your field of work, but also about your interests a little better as well.

Building Confidence

Working on remote micro projects independently at Qureos, researching and applying the theories taught, and completing the tasks given would inevitably grant you a natural sense of pride and achievement. It will build your confidence in your capabilities, and open doors for further successful endeavours.

If nothing else, you will imbibe faith in your ability to accomplish tasks, and build valuable connections with people who can vouch for you later in  your career.

Qureos is bridging the skill gap in the transition from academia-to-career. Working on micro-projects with mentorship from industry experts, can get you out of this dichotomy.

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