How Being A Qureos Mentor Makes You A Stronger Professional?

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February 19, 2024
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Are you a part of the #QureosMentor Community Slack Channel? (for Qureos Mentors only). Well, you automatically become one when your mentorship application gets accepted at Qureos!

Mentors are at the heart of everything we do at Qureos!

#QureosMentor Community is a diverse platform that has mentors from all over the world who have ONE thing in common, their passion to find meaning in helping learners around the world. It is a place where you not only meet with other mentors in the #QureosMentor Community but you also get the opportunity to become a mentee and never stop learning by connecting with like-minded individuals who are similar to you in their mission to help others excel in their careers. 

How does Qureos take care of its Mentors?

A mentor needs as much support as a mentee and at Qureos we fully take it into account. There can be nothing better than being a part of the #QureosMentor community where 500+ mentors understand your struggles, provide you constant encouragement and are ready to help you!

There are many other benefits of mentorship and especially mentorship at Qureos which we will discover in this article

Let’s quickly have a glance of #LifeatQureos for #QureosMentors Community.

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What does it mean to be a Mentor at the Qureos Community? 

The answer to this question is given by exploring 5 areas where YOU as Qureos Mentor flourish in your personal and professional development:

1. Get access to diverse networking opportunities

2. Advance your career by learning new skills

3. Stay up to date with current trends in Industry

4. Help gain perspective and voice

5. Receive recognition

6. Build up your credibility & create partnerships

1. Diverse Networking Opportunities

As a member of the Qureos Community, you get the valuable opportunity to network with mentors from all over the world. Depending on where you are at in your career, you can focus on building an international network or maintain a small network of mentors. 

This will help create vibrant communities of experts sharing new ideas and relevant information, and supporting each other to grow in both their personal and corporate development.

👉 Big or small, being part of a network, gives you the opportunity to generate new ideas, get quick and authentic feedback, get referrals, generate leads, collaborate on projects with other mentors and much more. 

Our mentors come from diverse backgrounds and field such as Data, Product, Growth & Digital Marketing

2. Advance your career by learning new skills

Yes, it is true that you are the one helping a mentee develop new skills but the Qureos Mentor Community is also a great place to learn new skills and strengthen the old ones. 

If you get stuck somewhere, don’t hesitate and just ask. The Qureos Community guarantees to answer you readily with the most exclusive network of resources available to mentors!

These questions can be: “How can I conduct an interactive community event?”  “Any helpful tips for conducting 1-on-1 sessions from successful and experienced mentors?” “How can I improve my interpersonal or communication skills?”  “Efficient methodologies to adopt in the personalized and live sessions?”

There is a high chance that these questions have been previously answered in the Qureos Mentor Community because other mentors had the same concerns as you when they joined. Even if you can’t find the answer to your concern, the Qureos Mentor Community encourages you to still ask because everyone will be happy to answer!

👉 After all, helping each other is what Qureos Community is all about!

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3. Stay up to date with current trends in Industry

Industries in the current age are rapidly evolving which makes it even more important to stay informed. For example: Tech Industry.

The community then becomes the first place where discussions regarding changing trends and tips on how to adopt these changes happen. Answering the challenging questions and solving problems together with the apprentices through 1-on-1 sessions can give you fresh perspectives, insights and techniques in the industry.

👉 Taking up 1-on-1 mentorships means never getting older and always staying on top of things!

4. Help gain perspective and voice 

A mentor alone cannot change the world but a community of mentors hold the power to make real-life changes.

Mentors help shape the perspectives of their mentees and amplify their voices. But being part of the community, the community’s voice also gets stronger so that it can change the direction of the most important decisions happening in the industry. 

👉 Let’s say you want a new feature at Qureos for your facilitation, you can request, take a poll and if the majority of the mentors are in favor, Qureos will take notice and make it happen!

5. Receive Recognition

With all the hard work that you put in every day at Qureos, to help, support, encourage personal and professional growth in the lives of mentees - it must be recognized. The success of your mentees is an indicator of your credibility to others and demonstrates your value as a mentor. Their success sheds light on the knowledge and skills you have to offer. 

And Qureos takes great notice of it!

👉 The Qureos Mentor Community greatly emphasizes on giving recognition to its amazing Mentors. Apart from the regular marketing efforts, each mentor’s personal brand is carefully taken into account among other preferences. Sometimes, recognition can also mean collaborative opportunities with other mentors and professionals which help you achieve a sense of accomplishment. 

6. Build Up Your Credibility & Create Partnerships

 Opportunities come more easily to those with credibility!

If you’re looking to expand your portfolio and build up credibility, you can sometimes find those opportunities within the community. Become a reliable resource of great information and advice. Once you do this your network will grow and be strengthened.

👉 You get out what you put in. You can do multiple activities like co-host group sessions with fellow mentors for the community. Join the conversations, educate yourself, provide feedback, and be an active member of the community. Being an active member builds credibility which can be leveraged into greater opportunities.

The Qureos Mentor Community is growing day by day and we can’t be more proud of its achievements. If you are an aspiring mentor who needs help in polishing their skills or if you are an experienced mentor, Qureos highly recommends you joining the The Qureos Mentor Community to make your mentorship experience more smooth and meaningful!

The Qureos Mentor Community is a welcoming platform for both new and experienced mentors. If you are a new mentor or if you have been a mentor for years, then we highly recommend that you joining the #QureosMentor Community. Once you join the community, you will gain access to exclusive resources provided to our mentors. 

There are so many ways we can use the Qureos Mentor Community to not only make you a better mentor but also to make this world a better place. 

But we need to do this together! 

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