Data Storytelling: Analyze Data and Build A Narrative

Complete an end-to-end data analytics project to show the right experience & skills on your portfolio.

Company Overview

JB Music Therapy is a team of Certified Music Therapists who collaborate, design, and personalize therapy with their clients that will foster desired change: boost mood, decrease stress, strengthen relationships, increase focus, develop learning, reduce anxiety, rehab after an injury, and recover lost memories. JB Music Therapy is the largest employer of Music Therapists in Canada.

The core services they offer are:

  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Programs
  • Public Education

Visit JB Music here

Project Overview

As a Data Analyst, you are expected to analyze data collected through a survey. The survey was led by JB Music, a company that deals in Cognitive Therapy, aiming to establish how music impacts human mood and mental health. You are to analyse data, define correlations & build a data story to explain the insights you will gather.
KYD Analytics
7+ Hours
Efforts / Hours

Project Mentor

Abdul Ahad Jamil
Business Analyst

Project Tasks

You will undertake the following steps to translate a business question into a data task & complete an end-to-end data analytics project for your portfolio;
Part #1
Data Cleaning and Processing
Clean, organize and prepare data for analysis & building narratives.
Part #2
Data Visualization
Visualize data to build interactive dashboards & a compelling data story.
Part #3
Data Analysis and Reporting
Use data insights and correlations to make recommendations.
Part #4

Project Takeaways

  • Gain hands-on experience with real-world data analytics.
  • Create an elaborate visual story using raw data.
  • Get feedback on your project from data experts in a 1:1 mentoring session.
  • Build a portfolio that makes you stand out to recruiters

How will this project help you?

Companies are always on the look-out for individuals who

  • Have worked on relevant projects using tools like SQL, Excel and Python.
  • Can use data insights to improve current offerings & recommend ways to grow.
  • Are great team-players & ready to take on new challenges.

Employers look for fresh graduates who demonstrate skills acquired through experiential learning on their portfolios.

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