How Ghandoura Industrial Group Hired 7 Sales Professionals in Less than 2 Months


Hiring Success Rate with Iris


Time Spent on Manual Screening Reduced by

Gi Group Holding is a global ecosystem of integrated HR Services that aims at evolving the Labour Market by creating sustainable, social and economical value, emphasizing the personal and social value of work.

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  • Improved Screening: Automate screening and evaluation which eliminated the need for travel or face-to-face meetings with candidates.

  • Personalized Outreach: Send personalized outreach messages, which increased their chances of attracting higher-quality talent.


  • Traditional Hiring Approach: The hiring team at Ghandoura Industrial Group (GI Group) used to travel to India and Egypt to recruit sales resources, resulting in excessive costs and time-consuming processes.
  • Ineffective Screening Methods: Their manual screening and shortlisting processes fell short, prolonging decision-making timelines and compromising quality of candidates.

Pioneers in Plastic and Paper Products Manufacturing

Founded in 1974 by Mustafa Ghandoura, Ghandoura Industrial (GI) Group is committed to Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision of innovation and modernization. The group leads the local and regional markets with high-quality plastic and paper products. Their dedication to sustainability and a greener future for generations to come is evident through their environmentally conscious manufacturing practices. 

GI Group’s Lengthy Hiring Processes and Inefficient Methods

As a recruiter at GI Group, Mohmmed Ali found the hiring process frustratingly lengthy, lasting for months.

Sticking to traditional hiring practices was draining both time and resources. 

Expressing his frustration, he remarked,

Hiring 7 Sales Professionals in Less than 2 Months with Iris

GI Group's commitment to embracing digitization and AI led them to adopt Iris as their recruitment partner.

Mohmmed Ali conveyed his enthusiasm, affirming,

Iris Features GI Group Loves

Automated Outreach

Iris empowers GI Group's hiring team to effortlessly connect with potential candidates and meaningfully nurture them.

Refined Search Criteria

Iris helps GI Group’s team create an intuitive query by providing relevant suggestions for key search criteria, including job role, skills, and industry, to find their ideal candidate.

Iris has changed how GI Group finds talent. Now, they don’t have to spend valuable time and resources on their travels to meet candidates. They can automate tedious tasks, such as screening and evaluation, and focus on more human and meaningful aspects of hiring.