How Al Zayani Reduced Time to Source Candidates from 1 Week to Less than 24 Hours


Time to Source Reduced by

30 Minutes

Time to Build a Pipeline of Qualified Candidates

Established in 1977, Alzayani Investments is a dynamic company with a proven track record. It derives its strength from its local solid foundation, and its worldwide network of contacts.

Investment Management
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  • Rapid Sourcing: Source relevant candidates in less than a week. 
  • Dynamic Job Descriptions: Create automated job descriptions and then have the ability to edit them in real time.
  • Enhanced Candidate Screening:
    Add custom screening questions to better filter candidates.


  • Extended Talent Discovery Timelines:
    It took Al Zayani’s Talent Acquisition team a week or more to provide relevant candidates to the hiring manager.  
  • Inefficient Screening Practices:
    They had to review all the resumes and manually screen candidates.

Iris Features Al Zayani Loves

A Visionary Arab Business with Global Impact

Founded by Hamid Rashid Al Zayani, the Al Zayani Investment Group has emerged as a beacon of excellence and innovation within the Arab business landscape. The Group operates across diverse industries, including industrial, automobile, real estate, F&B, and venture capital.  

Talent Acquisition Bottlenecks Impacting Al Zayani’s Productivity

As a talent acquisition specialist, Ali Albalooshi found it very frustrating that it took a week or more to source candidates for certain roles. 

Being an organization hiring a substantial workforce directly impacted Al Zayani’s overall productivity and efficiency.

Expressing this challenge, Ali Albalooshi commented,

“Finding the right talent, especially in the MENA region has been a key challenge for us. Sometimes, it takes us weeks to shortlist and provide relevant profiles to our hiring managers”. 

Additionally, the time-consuming process of manually reviewing resumes and screening candidates added further delays and inefficiencies to the recruitment process.

Shortening the Time-to-Source with Iris

Al Zayani’s adoption of Iris, an AI recruitment platform, stemmed from their strong inclination towards digitization and AI-driven solutions.

Luckily, Iris proved to be a game-changer that helped reshape their recruitment approach. 

Talking to our team, Ali Albalooshi emphasized

Job Description Generation

Iris helps Al Zayani’s HR team create relevant job descriptions that help them attract the right talent.

Screening Questions Filter

This feature makes their HR team’s lives easier by allowing them to directly eliminate a lot of unqualified candidates. This refines the talent pipeline further to meet the hiring manager’s needs.


Iris has improved how Al Zayani finds talent. Now, they can focus more on critical hiring tasks, such as interviewing and enhancing the candidate experience, resulting in a more efficient recruitment process.