Why Qureos Is Against Unpaid Internships?

Remote internships can really help boost your career. Here are some ways to maximize its benefits.
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September 13, 2023
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Why Qureos Favors Paid Remote Internships?

Paid remote internships offer greater control and flexibility to both interns and companies. 

Paid remote internships create a win-win situation for both students and companies. They are a great way for students to get paid work experience. On the other hand, companies get to reduce risks and costs.

Why Paid Remote Internships are Great?

The intent behind internships is for students and new graduates to gain valuable professional experience while reducing risks and costs to organizations. But is it fair for them to be unpaid? 

Every season the debate over paid and unpaid internships gains heat. Prior professional experience has become something of a requirement in today’s competitive environment. 

Internships that offer connections and experience but no pay shut out many potential applicants. Unpaid internships lack the external support and freedom that comes with monetary compensation.

We at Qureos believe that internships require a lot of effort and hard work. That’s the reason Qureos doesn’t favor unpaid internships.

Whether it is remote or on-site, internships give the kind of exposure that is invaluable and indispensable. With the advancement of modern technology, there has been a boom in remote internship opportunities. Remote paid internships have their set of pros and cons. They can feel a bit daunting but can pay off in the long run.

Companies tend to think of interns as disposable and free labor that can add little value to the company. This move can be short-sighted as it does not take into account the empowerment of the next generation of the workforce. Hard work and effort should be rewarded and paid accordingly.

Why Qureos is all for Paid Remote Internships?

Unpaid internships can make students feel alienated and unnecessarily burdened. Many times, these ‘jobs’ can turn into menial and monotonous tasks, without any element of concrete learning behind them.

At Qureos, we aim to build meaningful rhetoric amongst peers and mentors alike so that the apprentices get a fruitful internship experience. We want to encourage rewarding internships, depending on the quality and skillfulness of the job. 

We also offer projects based on real-life and real-time processes of companies and add value to both the apprentice doing the job and the company posting the project. The intern thus gets monitored as an apprentice by the mentors, who guide and familiarize the apprentices with the industry standards and expectations.

By paying interns, a company is implying that they care about your efforts and are willing to offer you more than just minion work, something that will give actual substance to your portfolio. A paid remote internship is surely going to be a productive internship.

Conventionally, if an internship takes up more than 15 work hours a week, it should pay some compensation. The internship must give you practical experience of the in-demand skills that you seek or assure you a full-time opportunity in your related field in the future.

Land a Paid Remote Internship with Qureos

Qureos provides both paid remote internships combined with mentorship to enhance the learning experience. 

By involving you in paid remote internships, Qureos aims to teach students valuable skills they might not otherwise gain from the theoretical academic structure. It makes them feel productive and motivated to do better.

Qureos gives students a well-rounded experience and respects their time and efforts. They get to experience relative independence as they have a source of income and feel like their work is being taken seriously. 

Students also attain effective communication skills while surrounded by peers, mentors, and industry experts who can assist them in their paid remote internships. Excel in your career through paid remote internship with Qureos.

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