Top Productivity Tools to Manage Work from Home

Remote working is the new norm. Here are some productivity tools for work from home.


January 2, 2022


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COVID-19 has made everyone’s professional life difficult. In times like these, when work from home is everyone’s need, it is very important to manage professional and personal life for maximum optimization.

There are various productivity tools available to manage work from home but it is important to use the most efficient ones for the best results. Productivity tools can help with organizing, managing, and planning work which reduces time and effort through automation and also increases accuracy.

productivity tools when work from home

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Some user-friendly productivity tools are mentioned below

Dictation Software

Transcription programming is the go-to answer for boosting profitability. By doing away with typing, a dictation software can reduce up to 20 minutes for an average of one hour of work. People usually spend a healthy amount of their day composing messages, duplicates, and notes. Speech-to-text feature removes the barrier of texting that slows work down. Dragon Naturally Speaking is one dictation software that is available on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Money Management tool

Revenue and consistent capital are two of the greatest concerns for entrepreneurs. A business person or entrepreneur needs a simple answer on how to keep a steady flow of cash. Wave is a free productivity tool that permits you to manage both business and individual records, send estimates, invoices, and scan receipts. Wave can also give a few reports on the overall finance of the business.

Time Tracker

Time is cash, so monitoring it is an absolute necessity for work from home efficiency. Sometimes an estimate of a project may be miscalculated, or the work taken up may be taking longer than expected. Both these circumstances can be worrying and make you less productive. Especially for part-timers and freelancers, knowing the worth of the work done is important so that the billable work-hours are kept a track of. For an automated time tracker, Rescue Time is one of the best and most efficient productivity tools. It is available on both desktop and mobile app versions.

Project Management tool

Keeping a track of all the tasks and streamlining interactions helps most home-based jobs get regulated. Project management tools have to be easy to use, be accessible on mobile apps to be more accessible, and be flexible enough to be integrated with emails and documents. Trello has an easy to understand interface, which allows the team to collaborate and share their work easily. It allows the users to create due dates, email reminders, customizable track lists, and calendars.

Backup and File Sharing

Most companies and businesses use Dropbox as a file backup and sharing tool. It is one of the most popular and efficient work from home tool for productivity. It is important to choose a service that is reliable and accessible on multiple platforms. The files can be backed up and shared with ease and provides added security as well. Google Drive is another relatively cheaper solution to store and share files, documents, videos, presentations, photos and more with remote team members.

Shifting to work from home or remote working can be challenging initially but with the help of smart tools individuals and teams can efficiently manage work. Work from home tools can help boost the quality, speed and performance of remote employees without making them feel overburdened. Here are 6 expert tips that will help you succeed and standout in a remote internship

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