5 Effective Job Search Strategies To Help You Get Seen by Recruiters

Learn the tips and tricks of developing a job-hunt process to land the right opportunity for you.


December 27, 2022


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Did you know that a quarter of Gen Z students start their job search as soon as they become sophomores, and half of them start in junior or senior year. Only one in ten wait until after graduation! That’s how crazy the job-market is and that’s why we can’t enter the job search process without a plan!

Times have changed, yet the job-hunting process remains painful. The pandemic added an extra layer of stress as the entire world entered the Great Lockdown followed by a period of recession. While the world was still recovering from it, we encountered Tech layoffs. In 2022, 965 tech companies laid off more than 150,000 employees globally!

Keeping aside the global challenges, the anxiety of the job-hunt process on its own can weigh you down and this stress can be counterproductive because sometimes applicants end up taking jobs that they are not passionate about. They may write half-heartedly on job applications and then get demotivated when they get rejections!

So, what can you do to ensure a smooth job-hunt process, maintain your performance and protect yourself from the recent layoffs? 

You prepare a job search strategy before you enter the job search process!

But what does an effective job search strategy look like? 

Here is a compilation of 5 strategies that can maximize your chances to land a job 

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1. Looking at the right opportunities

Yes, you are tempted to apply to multiple jobs at the same time to increase your chances of hearing back but it actually does the opposite. It is important to learn to be selective in the process. Job-hunting is a time-consuming process. You need to study the job, tailor your CV accordingly and you might need a cover letter for it. Being selective allows you to research about the company, give your all in the application/interview process and decide whether you actually want to work in the company you are applying for.

2. Build a strong online presence

For starters, regularly update your LinkedIn profile. Optimize it with inserting specific keywords throughout the document that the hiring manager would look at. If your CV is tailored to the kind of jobs that you are interested in, your chances increase. Build an online portfolio, if your past work can be documented and displayed digitally. A portfolio, along with CV and cover letter can increase your chances of getting a job because it is a quick insight into your past projects and achievements. 80% of companies prefer asking for a portfolio or samples of work when considering an applicant for hiring. 

3. Learn additional new skills

Learning is lifelong. You should always work towards learning new skills related to your own profession. However, you should also try to learn skills outside of your domain. This will make you more confident in your approach and will increase your chances for getting that interview booked. While learning new skills, we make new connections and surround ourselves with other professionals in the industry, this inevitably brings us closer to new opportunities. For example, if you are a Digital Marketer building an effective marketing strategy, maybe try learning SEO techniques to drive more traffic.

4. Apply different strategies for the same job

Stop limiting yourself to applying via one platform. If you have come across a job that seems relevant to you and you are really interested in applying, then also try contacting the companies directly. Try looking up the company’s website or LinkedIn profile, they usually mention the details of the people hiring. Find the hiring manager’s email address and send a more personalized email attaching your CV and cover letter. 

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5. Breakdown the Job Search Process

It is no lie that the thought of initiating a job search process is haunting. But not if you break it into smaller tasks as well as assign a deadline to each task. These tasks can be CV tailoring, shortlisting companies to apply, listing down all relevant job portals and updating professional sites such as LinkedIn. These are all hectic tasks, so when you get them out of the way, please reward yourself with some chocolate or a nice walk in the park away from your screens and worries!

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Mehrad Yaghmai, co-founder of Qureos, is a product-focused serial entrepreneur, where his previous ventures spanned from D2C e-commerce, AdTech to EdTech. He previously consulted for Fortune 500 companies such as Canon. He is a graduate of the University of California, San Diego.

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