How Mentors Can Help Launch Your Career

April 5, 2022

The ability of man to learn is one of humanity’s greatest gifts. From the tender age of 4, we begin our learning journey through schools, teachers, tutors, and role models. This acceleration of growth is not limited to the early stages of your life; a mentoring partnership can truly help launch your career and give you the upper edge you need in this fast-paced world.

Be it interview preparation for a fresh graduate, or a climb up the ladder to the role of an executive officer, a good mentor can provide the right training for you!

What is a mentor?

Simply put, a mentor is a trusted advisor- one who has acquired the relevant skills you wish to imbibe in your work or career life. The ultimate goal of a mentoring relationship is to guide the mentee and further their career.

But how? How does a mentor help you launch your career? We’re here to tell you exactly that. Here’s just a handful of ways that a career mentorship relationship might be a good fit for you-

1) They’ve “Been there, done that!”

A career mentor provides you an inside perspective on their field and their personal experiences in navigating it. This is especially helpful if you’re looking into an unfamiliar career path, tutoring you in all the inside tips and tricks that an automated course would never be able to.

The mentor also provides the additional benefit of sharing where they made errors, things they would’ve done differently, and tips they wish they’d learned sooner.

In other words, your mentor acts as a source of advanced knowledge, with real-life experiences and lessons to back it up.

2) Your mentor is a human Quora platform

When faced with any challenging or unfamiliar situation, your business mentor makes for the perfect advisor; a safe space to discuss and analyze your issues; they can often provide solutions to problems plaguing you! Their experience and skills can help refine your career plans and guide you to a more efficient and effective solution.

With those many years of experience under their belt, your mentor is fully capable of helping you set S.M.A.R.T goals:

1) Specific

2) Measurable

3) Achievable

4) Relevant

5) Time-sensitive goals

With the framework at your fingertips, working towards your goals becomes all that much easier!

3) Cultivate your skill sets

It is undeniable that there is a particular set of soft skills required for career success, irrespective of your field. The commendable leadership skills encompassing communication, compassion, and receptibility to feedback, are vital to your career, and business mentors provide this soft skill training for employees.

If you’re looking to step foot into the field, mentorship relationships are even more essential, as they develop core values of teamwork, adaptability, and self-awareness.

4) Productivity skyrockets

When under a mentor’s wing, you are held accountable for the effort, work, and commitments you make. But how does mentorship increase productivity?

Your mentor encourages you to stay focused, guides you through hardships and constantly reminds you of your goals. 67% of businesses report an increase in productivity after mentorship programs.

As the goals you set to define the success of your mentorship relationship, your mentor ensures you stay on track and keeps you motivated. Whether these goals be short-term or long-term, they help you climb up the corporate ladder until you’re satisfied with the direction your career has taken.

5) A trusted kinship

Every relationship requires trust, and this holds for mentoring partnerships as well. The business world is a fast-paced, competitive sphere, so having someone to rely on is indeed a boon. A mentor has your best interests at heart, and the best way to develop this relationship is by communicating your needs and both parties following through on all promises made.

The beauty of mentor-mentee relationships is that it eliminates any room for competitiveness, allowing unrestricted access to all the knowledge your mentor has to offer.

It is a lesser-known fact that Bill Gates even now credits Warren Buffet for his success due to their mentoring relationship early on in Gates’ career.

This kind of trusted kinship often extends beyond the period of formal mentorship, giving you a trusted accomplice and a remarkable advisor.

6) Access to a broader network

In today’s world, networking is known to make or break a career. 80% of professionals find networking essential to their success, with 41% wanting to expand their networks.

As your mentors are industry professionals with a lot of experience, it goes without saying that their circles include many professionals from your field of interest. Mentors can introduce you to the right people, connect you to potential opportunities, and personally vouch for you in the job sphere.

In other words, they can give you the boost you may need to land your dream job!

How Qureos can help you find the right mentor for you

Qureos is a unique knowledge-based platform aiming to connect like-minded learners worldwide, acquire practical hands-on skills through industry professional-led sessions, and gain work experience by collaborating with corporates while building your portfolio.

We provide mentoring programs in diverse fields, ranging from sales and data science to content marketing and graphic design. Check our various Cohorts out, and if the shoe fits, sign up as an Apprentice!

Are you feeling Qureos? To learn more about our mentorship programs and more, feel free to contact us on our socials!

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