How to Find Great Remote Internship Opportunities? (5 Websites to Land an Internship)

Here are 5 websites to help you find and land a remote internship to learn, gain experience, and transition into the workplace.
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May 7, 2024
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Nawal Malik

Internships and apprenticeships are extremely important to help students and recent graduates transition from the academic space into the workplace. Internships are great opportunities for young students to build their professional identity and develop a strong network

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), 34% of college graduates who have completed an internship or apprenticeship were positively impacted in understanding their career direction. While internships are integral to helping graduates learn and grow, it’s almost come to a standstill since the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. According to a research report by Yello, 64% of students who had their internships cancelled did not receive any compensation and 85% don’t know how to explain a cancelled internship gap on their resume. In a situation like this, Remote or virtual internships and apprenticeships could be the way to go forward.


What does a Remote Internship mean?

A remote internship is an internship that can be done from anywhere in the world. This means that you can work from home, a coffee shop, or even a beach. Remote internships are becoming increasingly popular, as they offer flexibility and convenience for both interns and employers.

A report by NACE shared with CNBC showed that 40% of businesses have chosen to introduce virtual internship programs to onboard students during the pandemic. A remote internship is a full-fledged work-learning program that takes place virtually via a computer and other means of technology. Remote and virtual internships or apprenticeships give students and graduates a platform to learn and gain work experience without being physically present within the company’s offices. Choosing to take on internships or apprenticeships virtually means that you are not restricted by geographical locations and can work with diverse teams from all over the world.

According to NACE, 34% of college graduates who have completed an internship or apprenticeship were positively impacted in understanding their career direction.

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What are the benefits of Remote Internships and Apprenticeships?

The concept of interning remotely taps into the idea of using a home office and working beyond geographical and physical restrictions.

  • Accessibility

Remote internships open up a world of possibilities to work with companies that are outside your geographical location without having to relocate. If you’re seeking to gain international experience, this would be the best way to get started and skip the tedious visa process.

  • Time and project management

Working remotely as an intern means that you will have to work independently with minimal supervision. This will help improve your time management skills to submit deliverables and help you handle projects confidently. A ConnectSolutions report showed that 77% of employees exhibited higher productivity when working remotely.

  • Global network

When working remotely with a global company, you will have opportunities to build connections and network with professionals from all over the world. Creating a personal network is important as almost 80% of full time job positions are filled solely through networking.

  • Flexibility

It opens up more opportunities and provides flexibility to gain work experience while focusing on your studies or seeking out full-time employment. Without spending time on commutes, it allows young professionals to focus on their work and provides a balance to invest in personal development and projects.

  • Economical

Completing an apprenticeship remotely will help you save money on transportation, coffee, gas, food, formal clothing, etc. A recent report by Flex Jobs showed that remote workers save about $4,000 per year.

Choosing to take on internships or apprenticeships virtually can provide many benefits  including you are not restricted by geographical locations and can work with diverse teams from all over the world. 

How can you find a Remote Internship or Apprenticeship?

benefits of remote internships and apprenticeships

We have curated a list of the best platforms and internship providers to help you find a remote internship or apprenticeship:

1. Qureos:

We offer remote apprenticeships to students and recent graduates for various categories from sales & marketing, writing & translation, design & creativity and data science. Qureos is driven to help apprentices upskill and transition from academia to the workplace through extensive boot camps, simulated projects and mentorship from subject matter experts:

  • You will learn through practical hands-on mock projects under the guidance of industry mentors and collaboratively with peers
  • You will work on a range of paid micro-projects – build your portfolio and gain work experience
  • You will be part of a global community of experiential learners with constant access to educational resources and a network of mentors and corporate partners

2. LinkedIn:

With over 300k+ remote job postings including internships and 55 million registered companies, LinkedIn is one the best places to start searching for a remote apprenticeship. As the premier platform for job positions and internships, LinkedIn has recently created a ‘Remote’ tag on job postings. By using the filter options, you can search specifically for internships that can be completed remotely. In addition, having a completed LinkedIn profile will ensure that you are matched with the remote internships and apprenticeship opportunities that best fit your skills and interests. Applying for a few remote internships will also ensure that you receive a personalized list according to your preferences and alerts whenever similar remote apprenticeships are posted.

3. Indeed:

– As one of the largest recruitment websites in the world, Indeed receives over 10 new job postings every single second. Having a completed profile with updated information will help improve the quality of your applications within the platform. With a simple sign-up process and seamless applications, Indeed makes it easy to find your preferred opportunities. Using the filter and search options, you can search specifically for ‘virtual internships’ and ‘remote apprenticeships’. There are also options to set up alert lists to ensure that you receive a notification whenever your preferred jobs are posted.

Qureos is driven to help apprentices upskill and transition from academia to the workplace through extensive boot camps, simulated projects and mentorship from subject matter experts

4. & WayUp:

If you’re located in the United States and seeking internships or apprenticeships, and WayUp are two new options that you could consider. These platforms also have a ‘remote only’ option which will allow students from all over the US to apply for opportunities. The interactive filters and preference settings will help you find the best fit based on your skills, interests and long-term goals.

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5. AngelList:

This platform is specifically for internships and apprenticeships with new companies and rising startups from all over the world. Working with a startup or growing company will help you get your hands dirty and start learning from day 1 of the gig. If you’re looking for a stimulating and challenging internship, working with a startup might be very fulfilling and could even turn into a full-time position in the future. Without over 94,990 startup jobs listed on the platform, AngelList could be a great place to start searching for an internship or apprenticeship.

Once you have found an internship, follow best practices and tips for a successful remote internship from subject matter experts. Begin by setting goals and expectations, create a well-structured work schedule to balance your deadlines, set up a dedicated workspace and ask questions before starting different projects. In addition, have frequent feedback sessions with your supervisor to understand your progress and find avenues for improvement.

We would encourage you to tap into the above-listed platforms and websites to land your remote internship or apprenticeship. For more information and to find a suitable remote apprenticeship, please visit the our job recommendation platform and choose a proficiency of interest to you. If you would like to learn more about Qureos, reach out to us or check out our social networks.

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