7 Reasons to Start a Career in Digital Marketing: Tips & Resources

Digital marketing is in massive demand in the world today. Here are 7 reasons to start a career in digital marketing.
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May 20, 2024
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Ayesha Noor
Content Marketer | CopyWriter

The digital marketing industry is constantly evolving with new technology, trends, consumer behavioral changes, and many other external factors. With more companies choosing to go digital and transform their business model, there is a large demand for digital marketers who are creative and tech-savvy. Young Digital Marketers are enthusiastic to launch a career in digital marketing. The versatile nature of the digital marketing industry makes it very appealing for young graduates and university students to venture into and create a career in it. 

The easiest way to get started with a career in digital marketing would be to complete an internship with a focus on digital marketing. Here are the most important hard & soft digital marketing skills to develop a career in digital marketing. This combined with a relevant portfolio of previous work will help you become the most eligible candidate in any room with a stellar portfolio that is impossible to reject! Complete portfolio projects and showcase your expertise in Marketing and fool-proof your application.

Build Your Work Portfolio - Marketing Projects

Why choose a career in Digital Marketing?

Digital skills gap & high demand 

There is a growing demand for people with digital skills and the competency to work with various tools. According to a study by Capgemini, 54% of organizations in the US have highlighted that the digital talent gap has a detrimental effect on the ability for digital transformation programs. Companies are also losing their competitive advantage because of it. They are constantly on the lookout for individuals who are digital natives and will be able to contribute towards increasing visibility through online channels and create unique customer experiences.

Variety of opportunities 

The digital marketing industry consists of many different skills and specializations which you could choose from. Some of the highest paying in-demand areas are: marketing automation, video production, paid media & performance marketing, content & copywriting, search engine optimization, marketing analytics, email marketing, website development and optimization, branding & design, etc. While general awareness on all these skills is essential, a combination could help boost your profile as a marketer especially if you garner experience within specific sectors like technology, FMCG, B2B, etc. Multiple organizations have also begun offering digital marketing courses to equip you with the essential skills needed to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Room for creativity & innovation 

The high level of competition in the digital space, there is a persistent need to create campaigns that attract the target audience. According to a study by Nanigans, 77.4% of US digital buyers pointed out that they were receiving too many advertisements from the same retailers causing severe ‘ad fatigue’. There isn’t a one size fits all solution and requires creatively structuring and strategizing ideas to achieve the business goals. If you enjoy changing up the process and testing new methods to drive attention and traffic to your website/business, a career in digital marketing would be the right choice for you. .

Monetary growth 

According to Glassdoor, a career in digital marketing can help you earn an average of $59,098 per year. There would be differences in compensation based on country, industry, company size, etc. Among the many opportunities available under digital marketing: marketing automation, video & content marketing, and paid media specialists are paid the highest. Digital marketing freelancers earn between $15–$45/hr as shown by Upwork based on their level of experience and niche qualifications.

Job flexibility & remote opportunities 

Careers in digital marketing have adopted a remote working culture as it is easy and possible to work from anywhere in the world. With teammates from all over the world and fully integrated workspaces and online tools, marketers can focus on adding value without wasting time commuting to the office. The ability to make your own hours and be flexible with how you manage your work is another major plus point in pursuing a career in digital marketing.

Collaborate with peers 

Digital marketers work with various different departments and skilled peers to complete projects on time, launch campaigns and achieve business goals. From writing campaign scripts, optimizing webpages with SEO, dabbling on design for social media posts, editing videos or creating podcasts to analyzing website traffic data. There is a lot of collaboration and it can be fun to work with a team in-house or freelancers.

Ability to keep learning with new challenges 

Every day will come with new opportunities to be creative and brainstorm ideas to reach goals. The constantly changing environment within the digital world will drive marketers to question everything they know. Different industries, clients, locations would have different problems to deal with and it takes creative thinking to design solutions to help businesses. By challenging yourself and the status quo, this field will transform your thinking into a lifelong continuous learner.


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