How to Create a Video Resume in 2023?

Create a great impression through a video resume. Show who you are, your enthusiasm, and what you will bring to the table.


August 1, 2022


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Finding and landing your first job can be extremely difficult, especially for students and recent graduates. The first stage of the job search process is all about creating visibility and drawing attention to yourself through a resume and cover letter. While it’s imperative to have a well-written structured resume and compelling cover letter highlighting your achievements and accomplishments, a document with loads of text could be cluttered and lack personality.

This is where a video resume for students and graduates comes in…

What is a Video Resume? 

A video resume is a short video introducing yourself to the hiring manager. It is your chance to show what you are passionate about and what you will bring to the table.

Moreover, it's an interactive storytelling approach used to create a memorable impression and get your foot in the door. 

A video resume format brings in personal elements like body language, expressions, tone of voice, enthusiasm, and many other factors which are missing on a traditional paper resume. 

Video resumes are especially great for candidates seeking client-facing roles, for instance, account management, sales, business development, and other roles where a visual element will boost your overall profile.

What is a video resume?

According to a study by Ladders Inc, recruiters spend about 7.4 seconds screening a resume, making it extremely difficult to gain their attention.

What are the Benefits of a Video Resume for Students and Graduates?

Here’s why video resume is so important for students and graduates:  

  • A research study by Oliv using analytics data showed that employers were 9x more likely to review a candidate profile with a video resume compared to counterparts with only traditional resumes. This video should complement your resume and give you a competitive edge over other applicants for a position. It is not a replacement for your resume.

  • It is not mandatory to create a video resume, but it can help you make a better first impression and be more effective than a written resume. According to a survey conducted in the US, 76% of hiring managers felt that being able to watch a pre-recorded video of the candidate would be helpful.

  • The research also showed that 62% of job seekers believed that sharing a video with recruiters would help them come across more authentically and increase their chances of landing a job.

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How to Create a Video Resume?

Here’s how students and graduates can create a video resume:

Write out a detailed script to be used for the video resume
  • Start with a script. Always begin by creating an outline with the most important details to be conveyed throughout the video. Create a script to be used. What's more, do not freestyle this as it will seem very easygoing.

    If you’re recording yourself, memorize the script and make it your own. Alternatively, if you’re creating a text-based video, you could read through the script, but make sure to include voice modulations to sound relaxed and clear. Take the effort to put together a little production, it will show prospective employers that you are willing to do the work and be creative about it.
  • Manage the video setup. Once you have nailed the video content, the next step is to manage your background setup before recording.

  • Wear something formal or semi-professional depending on the job position and your industry. Plain solid colors are always a safe option. Furthermore, try to stay away from extremely casual-looking clothes.

  • Choose a background with a solid color, like a painted wall or a fairly empty space. You can also choose to sit outside, but ensure that you pick a secluded area without any noise.

  • Shoot your video with natural lighting to get a clear view. Try to avoid using filters when recording and use a high-quality camera. Set up the camera at eye level by either using a tripod or balancing it with books. Ideally, you don’t want to be holding the camera when you record as it will most likely shake and look unprofessional.

  • Record your video. Once you’re set up, hit the record button and complete a dry run for a quick round of practice.

  • Review the first practice video and check the audio and video quality. Readjust your device placement to ensure that you are positioned correctly and the audio is clear without any issues.

  • Try to be natural. Smile, be pleasant, and be yourself without being too conscious about the video recording. The goal is to present a genuine and authentic version of yourself to the hiring manager.

  • Keep enthusiasm in check. Sounding extremely enthusiastic will seem fake and unrealistic to the hiring manager. Ensure that you are grounded and only convey your true genuine emotions and interest through the video resume.

  • You could also take a look at popular samples of video resumes for students and follow a suitable format.

  • Edit and launch. Structure all the recorded content to narrate your story in an engaging and creative way. Try to keep the video simple and realistic without spending too much time on editing.
  • Use tools like iMovie, Blender, and Shotcut to edit your video for free. Save the final video resume through .mov, .mpeg4, .avi, .wmv, ,mpegps, .mp4, or .webm format.

  • Upload your video resume on youtube or vimeo. Link it within your resume or share it directly with your job applications.

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Tips to create a Great Video Resume

Here are some tips and best practices to keep in mind when creating your video resume:

  • Keep it short and relevant. It’s important to ensure that you keep your resume short and under 2 minutes with highly relevant content. The ideal video resume length is between 60-90 seconds. Practice reading out your script and time yourself to ensure that your resume is concise. Sticking to a planned-out script will help you stay on point and not ramble. 
Tips to create a great video resume

The ideal video resume length is between 60-90 seconds. Practice reading out your script and time yourself to ensure that your resume is concise.

  • Keep your target audience in mind. The rationale behind creating a video resume is to have a more personalized experience for the recruiter or hiring manager. It’s important to understand the target audience and target industry before filming a video resume.

    Different positions look for different qualities. A one-size-fits-all approach is not very ideal. For example, you might use a different tone for a job at a bank as compared to a startup.

  • Do not repeat information from your resume. The video resume will not replace a traditional resume, so there is no point in repeating the same information. Use the visual resume to place more emphasis on interesting aspects of your professional experience and skill set. It’s not mandatory to cover every element of your resume again in the video.

  • Collect feedback from peers. Ask a coworker, mentor, friend, or other peers to watch your video resume and provide honest feedback. Make changes according to the feedback to create a stronger impression.

  • Add a call-to-action. At the end of your video resume, ask for a call to action from interested viewers, like ‘review my LinkedIn profile’ or ‘get in touch with me for a short chat’, or ‘review my portfolio on my website’, etc.

While video resumes will not replace traditional resumes, they can give students and graduates an additional edge over the competition, especially for roles where your personality and communication skills need to shine through. It will help you establish a personal familiarity and connection with the recruiter that goes beyond the traditional resume approach.

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