Resume Templates For 2023 - Trends & Tips

A Carefully Compiled List of Resume Templates, Trends and Tips for 2023


December 28, 2022


15 minutes to read

Preparing for the year ahead and working on perfecting your resume to land the job of your dreams? It doesn’t matter whether you are applying for a role in Marketing, Data, Sales, Product or any other field. All of these fields are different, so will be the resumes for these positions but the one thing that all resumes need to have in common is their ability to stand out to recruiters. 

It is a well known fact that the job market is rapidly changing which means that resume trends also keep changing. Then, how do we know which trends to follow for the year ahead? 

We have analyzed some Resume trends that are here to stay with us in 2023 and gathered some templates that you can use to easily incorporate these trends into your Resume.

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Tips and Trends

  1. Use reverse chronology: Your latest roles and projects need to appear first
  2. Emphasis on power skills: In 2023, HR will give preference to power skills which include abilities in leadership, teamwork, communication, strategy, empathy and willingness to learn. You can demonstrate these skills by displaying successful projects done in collaboration with other teams in your company. For example: Marketing and Growth Department working on a comprehensive market and customer research study. 
  3. Talk about Data and Numbers: You automatically stand out if you helped in increasing the revenues of a business. Mention the specific numbers
  4.  Add right, not more: Do not add personal information that is not relevant to the role.
  5. Review: It's always a good idea to get your Resume reviewed by a mentor who will provide an unfiltered and honest opinion.

Resume Templates 

Resume templates are helpful to catch up with the ever changing trends especially in this fast-paced world. You can quickly put-together a unique one-page document that tells your story and the impact you have created so far. Choosing a template, downloading it, and making it your own by filling up your details doesn’t require any additional expertise. Anyone can do it! 

So, Are you ready to ace those applications, increase your chances of an interview and getting your dream job?

Here is a carefully compiled list of templates that you can use to structure your Resume. They are also liked by machines that automatically filter Resumes/CVs. While no Resume is perfect, these are definitely some of the best as they have helped a lot of people get into the interview room!

Example 1 - Use this template here 


 Example 2 - Use this template here 
Template 1 - Use this template here 

Template 2 - Use this template here 

Hope this compilation will help you in creating Resumes that have the ability to stand out to recruiters! 

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