Why You Need a Digital Marketing Apprentice for Your Agency

3 reasons to hire a digital marketing apprentice for your agency: Delegate tasks, Reduce employee costs while maintaining quality.
Safa Asad
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December 6, 2023
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Safa Asad

Marketing agencies are driven to help companies achieve their business goals by strategically managing their marketing activities. As a marketing agency owner or senior professional, it is important to help your clients set high level strategy, implement the solutions and constantly evaluate their success through measurement metrics. Taking on the role of an entire marketing department through your agency could mean that you’re always juggling a lot of work.

According to a research study by Statista, 39% of employees in the US were stressed because of the excessive workload and understaffing. In addition, massive layoffs have led to an unemployment rate of 5.8% as of May 2021 owing to the coronavirus pandemic. Often, agencies are overworked to a point where a single employee may be working on many different client accounts and current employees are pushed to take on more work. While this is a short term solution, with more clients comes more work and the need to find more hands on deck. The Future workforce report by Upwork shows that 73% of hiring managers are working with independent or freelance professionals and 56% have seen improved efficiency due to remote working programs. Initially, you may choose to work with freelancers which comes at a disadvantage to transition them into the company culture and mode of working. Another option might be to hire new employees but it comes with a lot of fixed cost and the recruitment process could be quite long.

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Who are apprentices?

Apprentices are recent graduates and current students who are hungry to learn and grow through virtual learning and on the job training under the mentorship of skilled industry professionals. A research project by the Learning and Skills Council has shown that 81% of businesses have reported an increase in productivity from having worked with an apprentice. Some of the main features of working with apprentices are:

Who are apprentices?

Research by the Learning and Skills Council has shown that 81% of businesses have reported an increase in productivity from having worked with an apprentice.

  • Trained to succeed – Qureos apprentices go through extensive practical based training bootcamps where they learn on-demand skills and apply them to simulated real projects. Apprentices are trained in various categories from sales and marketing, data science, graphic design to writing and translation. Digital marketing apprentices specialize in proficiencies like search engine optimization (SEO), social media, lead generation, market research, paid advertising, etc through the Qureos bootcamps.
  • Verified within our talent pool – Apprentices go through practical boot camps where they will have to exhibit clear understanding and knowledge of key concepts for each proficiency. Each piece of work is reviewed and rated by the mentor to ensure that the apprentices are learning and improving based on feedback. Through the Qureos bootcamps, We only accept the top 5-10% from every bootcamp to ensure high quality of work and are constantly helping them grow as apprentices.
  • Mentored by industry professionals – A research study by Moving Ahead showed that 87% of apprentices with a mentor feel empowered and have developed greater confidence because of this relationship. Every apprentice will always have a seasoned industry mentor to guide them through every piece of work that they complete. Mentors oversee the apprentice’s work, provide feedback, share recommendations and help them improve the skills they have gained.


Why do you need a digital marketing apprentice for your agency?

Here are the top reasons why you should think about collaborating with an apprentice to help grow your agency business:

Delegate and outsource tasks to apprentices

#1 – Delegate and outsource tasks

As an agency owner or senior manager, you always have many repetitive and mundane tasks which need to be completed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Delegating these lowest value tasks to an apprentice will free up more time for you and the team to work on the most important tasks.

According to Entrepreneur’s Organization, outsourcing repetitive tasks is the ultimate growth hack as it frees up time for you to focus on more important details. In a way, apprentices are similar to freelancers as they work for you part time as you outsource some of your tasks.

A workforce report by LinkedIn in 2018 showed that 83% of small and medium businesses have shown that working with remote part time workers like apprentices have improved their overall productivity.

When outsourcing tasks, it’s important to provide apprentices with detailed information and guidelines to ensure that they have all the information required to be successful. We recommend adding brand guidelines when delegating social media content creation tasks or buyer persona details when outsourcing lead generation tasks.

You can easily post your project within minutes and have an apprentice assigned to you automatically or go through our talent pool and make your own choice. The next step is to decide the deadline and begin collaborating with the apprentice to get your work completed before time.

#2 – Reduce employee costs while maintaining quality

Apprentices are motivated to learn and grow which means that monetary compensation is only another added benefit for them. Working with apprentices will be a fraction of the cost of hiring full time employees and investing in their training and development.

While freelancers can be expensive and the process of identifying the right fit can be time consuming, Qureos can help find the right apprentices who can work within your budget. As an agency, you can decide the budget for every project that is posted based on the complexity of the work and the time required. Since apprentices have already undergone training programs, we can vouch for their work ethic and quality prior to onboarding.

In addition, if you’re looking for apprentices in the short term but seeking to hire in the future, this could be an opportunity to test apprentices before making a hiring decision. A study by National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) showed that 90% of employers who hired their interns and apprentices as full time employees were extremely happy with their decision. Choosing to hire apprentices doesn’t cost you anything, we’re happy to see them get placed with agencies and companies.

#3 – Gain fresh new perspectives

As an agency owner, you may feel stuck with the current ideas and may be seeking fresh perspectives on approaching campaigns. A study by Adobe has shown that Gen Z are 63% more creative than any other generation before them. Apprentices are driven to think outside the box, challenge the current norms and bring new and innovative ideas to the table. As digital natives, they are always evolving with new digital trends, technology and learning about industry changes through our bootcamps, mentorship sessions, webinars with subject matter experts and reading lists.

Gain fresh new perspective

A study by NACE showed that 90% of employers who hired their interns and apprentices as employees were extremely happy with their decision.

If you have also been thinking about tapping into new platforms like Tik Tok and other ephemeral content, our apprentices may be the best to help you strategize your social media plans. Ensure that you provide apprentices with the freedom to speak up and share their ideas and they are sure to surprise you with very creative solutions.

How can Qureos help?

Qureos is trying to bridge the gap between academia and the workplace by creating opportunities to make the transition seamless through apprenticeships. As an agency owner, Qureos apprentices can help you scale your business and grow your operations by re-assigning tasks to focus on the most important areas of work. If you would like to learn more about Qureos or connect with a member of our team, please feel free to contact us.


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