Valuable life lessons I learnt from working a decade in Sales!

10+ years in Sales has taught me that selling is an art. Here is a compilation of 7 valuable lessons learnt from Sales.
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Mina Wasfi
April 4, 2024
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10+ years of experience in Sales has taught me that selling is an art. But can everyone sell and be good at sales? Some people think that selling is pretty straightforward. In reality, it is a lot more than that. It is an art that needs to be learnt, practiced and mastered. It also needs a lot of tact and charisma. In fact, sales has taught me some valuable life lessons. 

The most wonderful thing about working in Sales is the values, tips and lessons learnt. In addition to that, their use extends beyond the field. They can be applied in various other areas, and even in our daily lives. Isn't it fascinating? Moreover, there have been many times I have solved small and big problems in work or life with the help of the valuable life lessons and experiences I gained over the years!


What do you Learn from Working in Sales?

So here is my list of 7 valuable life lessons from Sales that all of us can benefit from in our fields of work and life:

1. Be mindful of your tone when addressing something important

No matter whether you’re speaking to a crowd or 1-on-1, speak with confidence, certainty and clarity. Especially when addressing something that needs to be heard. It puts you in command and helps build trust with the person you’re speaking to. 

2. Speak but also listen

Yes, there is a lot of speaking in Sales but a great salesperson knows the importance of listening. Learn to listen to people around you. Actively listening to the needs and problems of people can show you things in perspectives beyond your scope 

3. Learn to lead conversations

Listening is important but being in the position where you are just listening and answering other people is not how it works. A great salesperson knows how to be in control of the situation and confidently lead through the process, keeping everyone engaged!

4. Be empathetic to the people around you

Active listening helps us become more empathetic. We tend to understand more deeply where people are coming from. This helps us in mapping out the right solution for them!

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5. Storytelling is one of the most important life skills

Selling is truly an art, and selling by storytelling makes it easier for the user to relate to your product. Everyone remembers a good story. If you want your words to leave an impact on listeners, definitely work on improving your storytelling skills.  

6. Make it personal

By personalizing the way we sell, we are better able to connect with the people around us. By showing the world that you are real and might be going through a similar situation or have gone through in the past. Just being genuine and honest with people in your approach, sales and conversations allows them to be more inclined towards you!

7. Be ready to learn, unlearn and relearn

By always staying in the mindset of learning new techniques, unlearning the weak patterns, and re-learn the successful strategies that your colleagues might be applying in their sales. There is always room to enhance your skills, always!

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Selling is Empowering

In conclusion, selling isn’t just about Sales. However, It is an art that teaches us the power of confidence, the ability to  speak but also to listen and knowing when to slow down, the courage to unlearn and relearn. It truly goes beyond its scope. Beyond just a transactional conversation. And if adopted in real-life, it can empower us in innumerable ways. 

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Let’s talk about valuable life lessons that our respective fields have taught us and are applicable elsewhere too!

Ghazanfar is Country Head Sales at Careem (an Uber company) and co-founded AutoSahulat and was an Entrepreneur in residence at Antler. He also founded GuzPro a digital media enterprise that incorporates different online platforms to share inside-out strategies and motivational content. Mentoring and learning are what he likes the best. You can book a 1:1 session with Ghazanfar. You can also reach out to him via email or linkedin

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