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What is a micro-cohort?

A micro cohort is a real-time course with a specified duration that combines mentorship from industry experts, practical learning, tasks with businesses and peer learning
What is an apprenticeship-project?
An apprenticeship project is a work based learning experience where an apprentice is matched with a paid project from a business, along with a mentor to maximize learning and ensure project quality

Mentoring can help you share your passion,
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We have all learned invaluable skills from amazing people who came before us, now it's our responsibility to pass our insights forward. Inspire the community from over 115+ countries globally with your insights and help others learn the easier way.

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Voice of our community

Miranda Gahrmann

Digital Rescue Rangers

It's great to connect mentors and mentees. People always like to develop their skills further, and for mentors it's a nice way to share knowledge, and also being challenged and stay sharp by mentoring younger professionals

Sara Mohsen

Head of MarketinG
Bla Bla

My mentorship experience with Qureos gave me an opportunity to share my knowledge in Digital Marketing with apprentices. I wish I had access to a Mentor when I first started working in Digital Marketing

Abed Hakim

Regional Head of SEO

The SEO 101 Webinar that I conducted at Qureos was a great experience. I also enjoyed interacting with some of the attendees and helping them solve some practical problems they were seeking solutions for

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