Discover the Ultimate Personalized MBA Experience

Dive into a transformative learning journey that transcends traditional theory and prepares you for real-world success with practical, hands-on experience.

Unleash your potential and lead the business world with confidence.

The world's first personalized AI-enabled MBA program with a global faculty network

Personalized Programming

Unlock unparalleled growth with our fully-customizable MBA program, specifically designed to align with your individual business objectives. Experience a learning path tailored to your needs, fostering your personal and professional development for outstanding results.

World's first AI Talent Coach

Introducing our pioneering AI Talent Coach, a groundbreaking fusion of technology and mentorship that provides personalized support and guidance throughout your MBA journey. Harness the power of cutting-edge artificial intelligence to supercharge your skillset and accelerate your growth.

A Global Faculty for Localized Relevance

Benefit from our exceptional global faculty, handpicked from the world's top business institutions. With a deep understanding of local and international markets, they bring unparalleled insights to ensure your education remains relevant and adaptable to the ever-changing business landscape.

Globally recognized,
fully-accredited by the
best in the industry.

Elton College is a global college accredited through Woolf University by MFHEA, which is part of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA)— the same group that includes prestigious institutions such as Oxford University, Cambridge University and Imperial College of London.

Credits and degrees granted at Elton College are recognized globally through the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

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What is the difference between
a traditional MBA and the Personalized MBA?

What is it?
The Personalized MBA is a MBA program designed around the day-to-day activities of businesses that marries best practices to actionable tasks that are part of a course-work that is personalized to each candidate's work.
A Master of Business Administration (MBA) provides theoretical and practical training for business or investment management
Who is it for?
Learners who are established in their profession and wish to strengthen their leadership and technical skills to advance their careers, whilst also earning a MBA in the process.
Students who wish to strive in their general management career and focus on topics such as strategy, controlling or finance.
Reasons to apply
You prefer an emphasis on experience over research and want to gain practical skills that are immediately applied on a weekly basis to your professional work.
You're interested in a general management education or focusing your education on broader business aspects.

Change Through Challenge

Unlike traditional MBA programs, every candidate's curriculum is personalized around the real-world work they are engaging in; build on the foundation of theory but focused on the application of best practices.

Our challenge-based approach and belief in flexibility allow your learning journey to be individualized and change with you. You'll leave the program with a lifelong community and the resources to make a long-lasting impact.

Entrepreneurship or Corporate Track?

The future depends on vision; it requires us to imagine a new and better world and find the people who can make it happen. Whether you go the entrepreneurship or corporate route, ToU will prepare you to make an impact. You'll leave the program with much more than a degree — you'll be equipped with the skills, insight, and entrepreneurial mindset to drive change in an existing business or bring new business ventures to life.

Some of our learners enter the program with one track in mind and, throughout the experience, move in a different direction. That’s what we call a successful learning journey.

What your job could look like after the Entrepreneurial Track
  • Business Developer
  • Marketeer
  • Project Manager
  • Business Developer
  • Marketeer
  • Project Manager
What your job could look like after the Corporate Track
  • Business Developer
  • Marketeer
  • Project Manager
  • Business Developer
  • Marketeer
  • Project Manager

Program Specs

With our Personalized MBA, you'll be prepared to take on the corporate or entrepreneurial world and confront the challenges our society is facing while building a successful career of purpose. Join a community of change makers and help drive the impact our world needs.

There is a part time and full time program; we recommend that all students that with the part-time program and gauge the time requirements, and after the first term, can elect to the full-time program to reduce the time it takes to graduate.


12-18 months





Cohort Size

Max. 10 Candidates

WU Accreditation

The Masters Degree


Remote first


$40,000 (price before financial aid)

Scholarships and needs-based financial aid available
Credit Transfer

Remote first

Frequently asked questions

Is the community free to access?

Yes! Our community is completely free and always will be. There are additional exclusive channels that are for members only, but the core community is free for all.

What do I get by joining the community?

You will be able to network with the larger community and access community only events that are designed to help accelerate your career.

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