⛵ How to Source Candidates

You are now all set to source the most relevant talent for your company. Simply tell Iris what you’re looking for by creating a query, and it will provide you a list of the best candidates for your role. From there, you can automate outreach to shortlisted candidates and initiate AI video interviews.

Follow these steps to start sourcing:

Log in to your account:

Source Candidates:

  • Click on the 'Source Candidates' button to begin the process.
  • You can choose from the given suggestions or you can type in your own specific requirements.

Essential Details to Include in Your Query:

  • Role: "I'm looking to hire a graphic designer."
  • Experience: "The graphic designer should have 0-2 years of experience."
  • Location: "Remote" or "Dubai, UAE."
  • Skills: "Must have experience using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator."


  • I am looking to hire a graphic designer based in Dubai, UAE, with 3-5 years of experience and proficiency in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Iris will then start building your search query based on the criteria you provided. After Iris builds your query, it will display the number of potential matches in the bottom left corner of the screen and provide you with two options:

1. Edit Match:

  • If you wish to refine your search with advanced filters, click on the 'Edit Match' button. This allows you to update your criteria and see the changes in real time.

2. View Candidates:

  • If you are satisfied with the query, click 'View Candidates' to proceed and see the matched candidates.

You have now successfully sourced candidates. If you are not satisfied with the match results, you can either edit the match or simply go back and create a new match query.

Have any questions? Feel free to contact us here.