✏️ How to Edit Match After Sourcing Candidates

Feeling unsure about the candidates you've sourced? Don't worry. You can still adjust your match criteria to find more suitable candidates:

Refine Your Search Criteria

Follow these simple steps:
In the Sourced Candidates page, you can view all the candidates you've already sourced. To refine your search criteria, click the ‘Edit Match’ button located at the top right.

Customize Criteria

You will be able to customize the following criteria to better fit your needs:

  • Job Titles (Current + Past): Specify the job titles the candidate currently holds or has held in the past.
  • Recent Job Title: Enter a recent job title or select from our AI-generated suggestions.
  • Skills: List the specific skills required for the role, such as technical abilities or soft skills. Examples include proficiency in tools like Adobe Photoshop or expertise in Python programming.
  • Language: Indicate the languages the candidate must be proficient in.
  • Education Degree: Specify the educational degrees that are required or preferred.
  • Education Major: Define the relevant majors or fields of study.
  • Profile Freshness: Select how recently the candidate profiles were updated (e.g., within the last 3 or 6 months).
  • Show Only Those Candidate Profiles that Include:
    • Language: Candidates who have listed specific languages.
    • Verified Email Address: Candidates with a verified email address on their profile.
    • LinkedIn: Profiles that include a LinkedIn account.
    • Experience: Specific work experience details.
    • Education: Educational background details.
    • CV Attachment: Profiles that include an attached CV.
  • Experience (Years): Specify the number of years of relevant work experience required.
  • Location: Define the geographic location of the candidate (not where the job is based).
  • Industry: Specify the industry in which the candidate has experience or select from our AI-generated suggestions.
  • Recent Job Industry: Define the industry of the candidate's most recent job.
  • Companies: List specific companies where the candidate has worked.
  • Excluded Companies: Identify companies where the candidate should not have worked.
  • Recent Employer: Specify the candidate's most recent employer.
  • Previous Employer: List any previous employers of the candidate.
  • Gender: Specify the gender if necessary for diversity or specific role requirements.

Update Changes

Click 'Update Changes' to apply your modifications. Please note that updating your criteria will change your matches, but any candidates you have liked (with thumbs up) will remain saved.


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our customer success team here.‍