🥅 How to Apply Filters to Matched Candidates

Once you have a list of all the matched candidates based on your criteria, you can further refine your search by applying additional filters. Here's how:

Select the ‘Filter’ Button

At the top of the candidate list, select the ‘Filter’ button.

Add Filters

You can add filters for various criteria such as:

  • Education: Specify the required educational qualifications.
  • Industry: Select the relevant industry experience needed.
  • Location: Define the geographic location of the candidates.
  • Languages: Indicate the languages the candidates should be proficient in.
  • Gender: Specify the gender if necessary for diversity or specific role requirements.

Real-Time Updates

Keep in mind that these filters apply to the candidates already matched with your initial query. The number of matches will update in real time as you adjust the filters.

View Updated List

Once you have set your desired filters, click 'Show (X) Results' to view the updated list of candidates.

By applying these additional filters, you can narrow down your candidate pool to find the most suitable candidates for your role.

Hope this helps.


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